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Endicia News
Community News & Announcements
24 5 Retail Pricing Given Instead ...
by JessicaPatch
Endicia General
General Discussion
by 1112485
USPS Questions 46 16 Prepaid return service from E...
Increasing Fulfillment Efficiency 3 2 Mail Bouncing Between Post Of...
by spoonflower
Shipping Best Practices 2 2 Redirected packages with the ...
by safetystore.com
Dymo Stamps/Printable Postage 22 10 Postage Sheets
by pcelias
Dymo Stamps Online 3 2 Certified Online
by moorepowell
Endicia Standard/DAZzle 54 23 Tracking Number
by RonnieV
Endicia Premium/DAZzle 35 11 Help! Enable mySQL ODBC Conn...
by 79schultz
Endicia for Mac 33 13 Why only 5 address lines for ...
by CliffStoll
Endicia Professional 78 28 Express Mail labels always re...
by mwalls59
Endicia Professional for Label Server 3 1 Printing Global Express Guara...
by sharks_fan 35
Endicia Platinum Shipper 14 5 Platinum Shipper not displayi...
by Daniel Taylor
Ship Genius 4 1 Installation
by crys marye
Envelope Manager LE 0 0 No posts
Presort Mail/ DAZzle Express 2 1 presort
by Diane.S
PictureItPostage 1 1 PictureItPostage customizatio...
by pcelias
Consolidator 5 2 Am I buying postage now to pr...
by sanchezt109
Endicia Label Server API 21 8 International Label not refle...
by mike
Dial-A-Zip API 5 1 Problem with Dial-A-Zip
by clm
Picture It Postage API 0 0 No posts
Desktop XML Integration 0 0 No posts
Partners 3 1 Do you use ShipWorks?
by Endicia_Pros
InstaRate 4 2 Windows 8.1
by tamatsu

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